Valiant Hearts: The Great War Out Today On The Mobile Platform!

In the summer we first saw a computer game Valiant Hearts: The Great War world developed by Ubisoft, the story tells of four heroes of the game, which for various reasons at the front of the First world war. The foursome needed to go the easy way, tested, prepared for war, they should pass shoulder to shoulder. Valiant Hearts: The Great War made in the style of hand-drawn animation in the genre of the quest-puzzle 2.5 D platformer where we have to go through life, the passage of each character, learn their story of fate. To walk together till the end of the war in search of a German Baron Von Dorf, who is using prohibited types of modern weapons of that time to destroy their enemies.

The gameplay is solving puzzles and finding items in each passage of each episode. In the beginning of the game, some heroes don’t know each other, that’s a Fluke introduces them – coming to the aid of each other. Each person, in our case a game has a story, one we will conduct on the field of battle, the battle, the greater number of time blasting enemies with your bombs or your own hand at the nines, with others passing with the flag on the field of battle, will fall from the enemy’s bullets. All players will enjoy beautiful animation and hand-drawn graphics, two-dimensional: we need to think what to do to distract the enemy or to blow up the bridge, all interactively, each object whether brick will help the hero in his difficult journey. To hide in a hole from the bullets of the enemy, throw a grenade, so that construction had stopped it or fear the Germans ran away.

Each character has their own abilities and skills, someone as strong as Zeus, is able by his power to break everything and everyone in its path. Someone strong in mind and boasts a loyal friend, running your team, of course, it’s a dog. This couple’s not how much, the puzzles encountered in the game, they are helping each other. The dog will tell you where the various items that we need to collect as you progress through levels, climb where ordinary people well, not like you will not be able to pass. All this is controlled by the simple touch intuitive control of the sound on the field of battle and it is simply gorgeous, the disturbing background music is just hypnotizing.