SyncMate (Expert): a powerful tool to sync Mac and Android/iOS

SyncMate (Expert) When it comes to synchronization between Mac and mobile, people first come to mind are Apple devices. Do the Mac has all the tools for easy synchronization of music, photos, documents, settings for the iPhone and iPad. Data can be stored in the cloud, say iCloud, or you can use the local sync using usb cable. But what about Android devices?

Perhaps it will surprise you, but even without any software, you can synchronize certain data between their computer and smartphone on Android. The new version of Contacts and Calendar support Google account, so you can just use one account. But what if you want to have the same library of audio or sync two folders? You can use Dropbox for online file sync and Doubletwist for iTunes. But this function of such programs end. If you also have a need to make a backup of calls, SMS and files from your Android phone or tablet, you need to look for a more advanced solution. Today we will talk about SyncMate for Mac.

SyncMate allows you to synchronize data and files between your Mac and various devices. A large audience of the program are the owners of devices on Android because of the OS it has a large number of sync profiles. The program uses a freemium distribution model in the free version you can only sync Calendar and Contacts. So to use the program without buying does not make sense, only if you want to make a local copy of the calendar and contacts.

In the paid version, Syncmate Expert number of types of synchronization for Android increases to 12. You can sync folders, Safari bookmarks, photos, music, iTunes, music and make backups. A particularly useful feature is the ability to mount the Android file system “as the drive for Mac”. Official support for this feature from Google is no, therefore its presence in the Expert-version can be attributed to one of the main reasons for purchasing the program.

To connect SyncMate smartphone you need to download the eponymous app in the Google Play. It is possible to work both via USB and Wi-Fi. The app supports 3 modes for your profiles: “sync”, “load” and “backup”. Many profiles you can set the modes, so you will be able to do backup files or calendars from a smartphone, without resorting to two-way synchronization. You should consider the fact that not all 12 profiles can be useful to each user. But let’s try to understand everything in order.

The first feature of the app is “Syncing Calendars”. Given that nowadays many people use online calendars Google or Apple and sync happens automatically, special use for her there. If SyncMate supported the creation of different backup versions, it would be much better. But unfortunately, when you copy calendars just replaced, so it can be useful only to those engaged in local calendars.

Next, the program offers to sync Contacts. A rather convenient solution for those who do not want to tie a Google account to Mac OS Contacts. Again, the function on the one hand use, but on the other hand, there is an alternative to the native sync.

The third important type of synchronization is SMS. Here, the developers are not lazy and did everything very good. The module supports read SMS from a smartphone, send new messages, responses to current, search by title and content, and export all SMS in html, txt, csv. A very handy feature for those who have to constantly work at a computer and answer work TEXTS. It will also be useful to backup SMS in csv or txt format in case of loss of the phone.

For some reason when attached to Android SyncMate — there is a sync feature with iTunes. The developers went on stealth, so we can sync music from library Mac to Android. This module just copies the music from iTunes playlists to a specific folder on Android, however, is not so simple. Syncmate allows you to create virtual playlists on Android to create a certain pair with iTunes.

If you’re used to always work with iTunes, this function will be very useful. But it would be even easier to sync iTunes with other popular music players on Android. Similar functionality have profiles sync music and photos.

One of the most useful functions is, of course, synchronize two folders. If you keep all the important documents and files in one place – set automatic backup between folders in Mac OS and Android. Each time you connect via USB or Wi-Fi, SyncMate is in the background will check for changes and keep the current version. Besides, if you do not use the standard Mac applications like iTunes and iPhoto, then set up sync music and photos with folders is even easier!

The most interesting feature in our opinion is mounting a file system of the gadget in the form of a disk on the Mac. This means that the access to your files can be accessed from third-party applications such as Office Word. Standard Android driver for Windows and Mac gives you the ability to simply copy files. If you often use a smartphone as a business tool, this module will make it easier to copy files and will save you a lot of time.

To summarize, we say that SyncMate is the most convenient and functional solution to sync your Mac with Android or iOS devices. Recommend to buy people who constantly transfer data from a smartphone to computer and back. The program has features that many users will never need, but others can more than recoup the purchase. In addition, three free functions are available to all without spending money.