Surgeon Simulator

Studio Bossa Studios ltd recently pleased owners of the tablet computers iPad port of the famous game of surgeon – Surgeon Simulator. The Hippocratic oath is a medical oath, which expresses the fundamental ethical principles of behavior of the doctor, and a commonly used name of the vows, we everyone who is going to become a doctor. It starts with our familiarity with the game. Us in over 10 seconds to explain what was happening and asked to sign the document – a license to conduct operations. At this stage, by the way, players will have a problem. Take up a pen and… Trying to get to portray something like a signature. Difficult, isn’t it? It is in the same style will take place our surgery. Should immediately mention that this is a port of the game 2013 PC. Something the developers left in the game and something, such as hand cut. The main difference from the “big brother” that is where we will control the actions of a character using their hands and touching. But this game never gets any easier, and in some sense even more difficult. Dr. something is wrong, it is clear from the first minutes of the game: shaking hands, the vision fails, tools to hold in your hands is simply impossible. First we throw in the game menu, which is fully interactive and looks like the Desk of a surgeon’s laptop; and patient cards; and the pill, which uses our ward; mini-game and many other things. And all this is online. We can pick up any object, break it down, to throw, we can even carry the table. Such chaos will reign in the office of the surgeon, and the surgical ward. All objects felt a bit surreal, and understand how they work and how to interact with them – you will not succeed. Actually, this is the main feature of the game.

And now, we finally were able to gather strength, to concentrate and go to the ward where another patient with an urgent heart transplant. By trial and error using different tools and getting used to managing you, with 5, will be able to do everything. To move the screen with two fingers. One we take the subject in hand and manipulate them, and the second at this point, aim, where to aim. You only need to remove the chest, to disassemble the components of the body, cut through with a scalpel the way to the heart and trembling fingers to replace a failing heart to a new one is in the box on the right. Just do not forget to pull the hammer, scalpels, saws and other tools of the abdominal cavity of Bob (the name of our patient, which, apparently, has very poor health, because that is what we will operate throughout the game).

In the upper right corner of the screen, we see the counter of the life of Bob: the patient has a blood level that he loses if you stick a sharp object in the wrong direction; and heartbeat, which also must be considered. Blood can be stopped using the syringes, but only certain. But in a heartbeat will have to monitor closely and timely to reduce and increase the flow of oxygen. But the main thing not to overlook, because if you get distracted and do not forget to switch the lever, it is possible to sedate a patient dead sleep. Surgeon Simulator is a surprisingly chaste game: the dismemberment and blood will not. Before the operation, the patient is already opened and its insides look just like the pictures of school textbooks in biology. Players will cut a Bob in response, the patient will be splashing blood and lose counts. So, first you will ruin a few lives, and only then begin to save them.

To dig in the guts of the patient is quite entertaining. But the management, the main feature of the game, make sweat all players. I wonder again and again to try your hand, earn funny achievements, such as “put to Sleep Bob after removal of the heart.” Much more fun to wield a hammer and a scalpel with your friends, the multiplayer is good. And to gather around one device you will also no stopping the fun of the game will increase twice. But alone to undergo the Surgeon Simulator is pretty boring: monotonous setting levels and not high, but an inspiring set of tools. Although, I’m pretty sure you can play it on the tablet much nicer and more fun than on the computer. Especially the application will appeal to people studying in medical universities.