Roll Back Home Review

The developers Dawn of Play, with quite a nice puzzle (for example a new vision of Tetris and Dream of Pixels) last Thursday released the release his new project – Roll Back Home, a new vision of the famous game Bounce popular a long time ago. Roll Back Home is a new puzzle game with elements of adventure, with a funny sketch graphics. In the game we will control a lost ball, overcome obstacles and occasionally to bypass the laws of physics. We will move to various locations: courtyards, sewers, rooftops, underground maze full of puzzles and traps.

The most striking thing about Roll Back Home is her unusual drawn graphics. Looks as if the game was drawn on notebook in a cage with a pencil all the levels, effects, objects and so on. And here throughout the game like we would quickly leaf through these ornamented pages of the notebook and move the ball, in the manner of cartoons, drawn in the 80s, when there was no computer graphics. It looks very entertaining and interesting. Manage the ball, we have to tilt your device. If on the iPhone and iPod is quite easy, on an iPad raises some difficulties, though, and drawing with Retina support and keeps the schedule level. For the movement, as I said, we tilt the device and thereby adjust the speed of the ball. A bit later we will learn to jump, or tap or tilt the device forward, that you taste.

Featuring hand-drawn sketch chart, Roll Back Home looks very stylish and stands out from other apps in the AppStore. The animation effects of the landscape, the physics, the movements of the ball and do all that is in the game – on level. All just to be and very beautiful. As you progress through levels we not infrequently have to think how to pass one time or another. Sometimes such decisions will be few: to break the wall, jump, push objects, or to Dodge the needle, which can puncture the ball. To solve them quite interesting and at the same time just. The levels are divided into chapters. Each Chapter is full of a variety of thematic levels, containing in itself all new and new puzzles. Also the game has a timer, so the more time we take to pass any level, the worse for us. But you can be sure that much we will not be affected. The timer is created more for speed than anything else. So that they can show off their skills and get into the leaderboards.

Supernatural from games expect, of course, not worth it. But in the end we got a very challenging puzzle game from the developers who have considerable experience in the creation of this genre of games and brings something new to the world of gaming entertainment. This time the guys from Dawn of Play revised the mechanics of the classic game and presented their vision of the game Bounce. Gameplay Roll Back Hpme, design and lots of wasted time due to the passing of levels will please any player.