Red Johnson’s Chronicles Review

Completely invisible for me for a good half of the users of the AppStore, the release was released three years ago, the game Red Johnson’s Chronicles. Quest game genre, based on the plot of which went to entertaining and a great story of local detective, which is perfectly suited for any game of this genre. The main character of this great quest is red Johnson a private detective. The plot is not really interesting: one day comes to him for help a policeman who is investigating a case of murder and deadlocked. From what he could find, only the time and place of the murder. But our ward detective is not as simple and doesn’t eat donuts all day long, he easily will find out a million things and you will find many leads in the case, who will gather, like the pieces of a puzzle together and lead him to the killer.

In Red Johnson’s Chronicles, we will have to investigate the crime or crimes that may occur at any time and in any place, but, whatever happens, closely connected with each other. To find the killer, we have to gather clues, solve puzzles and interrogate witnesses. On his way red face many suspects, among them will be two women – Theresa and Sonia. Teresa – a middle-aged woman, which produces not very good impression, but knowing about the murder much more than says. Sonia on the contrary – an attractive young call girl, whose reputation precedes her. Red will learn, how they relate to murders and that they can hide from the detective. As expected from the genre of the quest, the game has quite a lot of dialogue. But, if you look at the same popular Runaway or Broken Sword, the dialogues in Red Johnson’s Chronicles do not differ anything from mediocre shooters.

But the highest noteworthy graphics, and the gameplay is implemented quite smoothly and simply, which gives the opportunity to focus on finding clues and solving a murder. Although I know that, personally, I’m stuck on the second puzzle, with the camera, and already I can safely say that the puzzle is far from trivial, and sickly are forced to think with their brains and sit for hours solving a seemingly simple problem. Here the user is committed the detective’s notebook where you can learn various details about a particular subject, to recollect your thoughts, to clarify the nature of the characters that are encountered along the way and many more. In any case, explicit clues to the allocation type needs to poke objects will not let you. To rely on the assistance of artificial intelligence should not, have to think of yourself as this is the main weapon in Red Johnson’s Chronicles. During the investigation, Johnson uses the famous deductive method, which allows him to come to several hypotheses. The player will need to choose the correct answer, although in the case of an error, nothing terrible will happen, and you just lose time.

We should also tell about the locations and the visualization of the game. It seems to be made in the comic, but at the same time not. It is even more correct to say that it borrows a lot from the comics: same dialogues, locations. Incredibly beautifully made parallax effect backgrounds in the locations. You can rotate your device and your view of the world will also change, the picture will move and change. And with drawn detailed picture, it will cause only positive emotions, and a few moments you’re going to sit and play with this effect. Overall, the game was very exciting and quite unpredictable, which justifies its price tag.