New iPhone Apps (October 2018)

In this issue we look at mobile apps that most interested us lately. No, they will not change the manner of use of an iPhone or iPad, but certainly will improve your mood.

Unfortunately, lately in the App Store there is not so many software that really changes the look to your smartphone or tablet. But here’s the interesting programs in the app store is rife.

Today we look at the application for those who constantly forgets to buy something in the store, pixel photo editor, social network with funny jokes, a tool for animating elements photo creative Pro-photo editor.

Do not switch!

Out of Milk — explanatory shopping list

Goes from a supermarket, and the package is all that you wanted to buy except milk. Wife sends you back, because now her favorite evening with cocoa will turn into God knows what. Classic.

The developers of the app decided to deal with this problem once and for all. For this they have created a shopping list for each day, which was to my taste.

Now you will be in a rage: “What? Again shopping list?!”. I know, but you have to realize that competition creates a great product, in search of which we are regularly.

This is an extraordinary application to record the products you need to purchase. It is divided into three shopping list: the usual in the pantry and the works. The latest in this case is simply to load, but the first two are definitely required in such a program.

And she can scan the barcodes to add to the list the new entry. I tried it and it really works even with Russian and Ukrainian goods.

I will use this app next week and if it continues to surprise, be sure to do a separate article about him in the pages of the website. Until satisfied.

Interface: 5, Utility: 5, Functionality: 5, Cost: 5, Verdict: 5

Download in the App Store (free)

Pixel Art Camera — funny photo editor pixel

Interesting mobile application for those who are simply tired of all these super fine pictures, portrait photo with a new iPhone and macro shots and Instagram. It will be psychedelic, pixel and add them to other effects.

The program can work with the viewfinder in real time, and its set a couple of dozen creative filters. That’s all possible.


Interface: 5 Usefulness: 3, Functionality: 4, Cost: 5, Verdict: 4

Download in the App Store (free + purchase)

Jokely: Watch Funny Jokes — funny social network

And here is something really new and very amusing.

Imagine a social network that consists entirely of videos with cool jokes. You can assess their likes and dislike, record their videos and try to win the comic Olympus.

Now the social network mostly only English-speaking videos, but we can fix this unfortunate misunderstanding.

Interface: 4, Usefulness: 4, Functionality: 3, Cost: 5, Verdict: 4

Download in the App Store (free)

Loopsie — animate parts of photos

I don’t know why in the App Store so many negative reviews about this mobile app. But most of unhappy users, I think, simply did not understand the purpose and manner of use of the solution.

With this program, you can create pictures with animated elements, which you have already seen enough of the top bloggers in Instagram.

The system works programs are quite simple. You point the iPhone at your subject, and then press and hold the shutter button until it’s Loopsie will not tell you that everything is ready.

At this time the app does a basic frame and then creates an animation from a large number of images for a couple of seconds. In the end, you determine the elements of the image that will be used from the animation and those that should remain static.

We have a very interesting frame for the same Instagram.

For example, with this method, you can create the beach with static, and other objects, as well as sea, which will be fought in the background.

Interface: 5 Usefulness: 4, Functionality: 4, Cost: 5, Verdict: 4

Download in the App Store (free)

Artstudio Pro — creative Pro-photo editor

One of the best graphic editors, which today in General is in the App Store. But it is not focused on simple processing of photos, and creative revision, with which ordinary picture can be turned almost into a work of art.

The program has already imported a large number of various presets from the brushes and gradients to the color swatches and fonts.

But you can simply download more in popular formats: ABR, TPL, PAT, GRD, ASE, ACO.

The app cleverly works with mobile device performance, so it is easy and simply cope with even the most complex tasks.

Interface: 5 Usefulness: 4, Functionality: 5, Cost: 3, Verdict: 4

Download in the App Store

As it turned out, the developers sometimes still there are interesting ideas about mobile software.

I would not say that I liked the implementation, but the idea is to make a social network that focuses on humor, definitely deserves close attention.

The shopping list with integrated QR code scanner also excellent — will continue to test it in real conditions.

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