Hellraid: The Escape

It seems that all players in the world were waiting for the release of Hellraid: The Escape, all the forums and resources exploded when we first saw the first screenshots of the game. It is not that the game is built on an advanced Unreal Engine 3, it certainly is healthy, but the fact that the developer Shortbreak Studios promised no in-app purchases and not any overpayments for updates and extra levels. Everyone liked the idea, everyone liked how the game looks – awesome graphics, but still players must escape from the clutches of the demon and to escape from the prison of the dungeons. The history of the game says that in Hellraid: The Escape possessed by the dark forces the sorcerer has trapped your soul in a magic prison guarded by hellish creatures. Why did you get there? Who are you and why can’t you remember your name? To find answers, you must first escape from this dimension of agony hung somewhere beyond time.

Our task is to get out of prison, but it’s not so simple as it seems at first glance, our hero rises, leaving the stone sarcophagus was our first thought is to leave dark places of the crypt, out in the Rouge. But, not so simple as we would like. Dungeon world is fraught with puzzles in order to escape we need to solve them. Exploring around the area, we can find something useful, for example, a subject that will help us to open the door or something else useful for finding the key. The game world is fraught with riddles that we must solve to get through the levels. Hellraid: The Escape is a really great game, it’s not only us stunning graphics and a very excellent management that not every game can boast, but also a huge number of puzzles. Difficulties like all, but if all this is in the beautiful graphics and enchanting atmosphere, the game promises is not enough – most popular. Passing level after level, we learn a lot for myself and actually for the player, many mysteries will become a reality. But don’t think that in game you are not alone, the demons that live inside the “crypt” – will stop you in your tasks. Requires attentiveness, courage and of course good for the brain unraveling the mystery.

Hellraid: The Escape – this is a prequel to the wonderful RPG-slasher Hellraid, developed in the walls of the Polish Studio Techland. The “big” game will be released on PC and consoles in 2015, but interest in the project we are already starting to heat up and Hellraid: The Escape is one of the ways to interest the audience. As the developers promise us a lot of free updates and of course new levels will not take long. I think it’s a great action Packed adventure waiting in anticipation In Fear i Trust.