Free top-soft: collection for the Instagram bloggers

Please note! To make full use of some of the presented applications you will need in-app purchases.

Hyperlapse (free)

Interesting accelerated video

These mobile app offers to create an interesting video with different time intervals to vary the feed of your photos in Instagram and make your personal profile more popular in the social network.

The footage can speed up or slow down up to a dozen times to achieve the most interesting effects. And each video automatically stabilizes to offset any shaking when shooting.

Boomerang (free)

Unusual looped recording

With the help of this program the most simple moments of life, you can make fun and unexpected. To do this, the application creates a looped video that scroll from beginning to end and back.

There’s just one button, with which any moving object can make interesting and unusual. And even better get a selfie that you can do with this program.

Repost (free)

Repost cool pictures

With this application you will be able to diversify personal feed on Instagram repost the photos of your friends, followers or idols. And the shots in this case, signed by the author’s name, hashtags, and not only.

To repost, simply copy the link to the image in popular social networks. After switching to this app, it immediately prompts you to make it repost and tell you about all the nuances of this opportunity.

Swipeable (free)

Download panoramas gallery

In a recent update in Instagram appeared image galleries. With their help, in one post, the social network can accommodate up to ten square images of the same subject, which is convenient if you don’t want to produce similar images.

And with the help of this program to the gallery, you can download a whole panorama. This app cuts the long image into squares and allows you to post it in Instagram with the ability to easily scroll through.

Layout (free)

Занимательные коллажи из снимков

Another way to share the same type of images from an interesting trip or personal observations in the city — collages with pictures. And this app will perfectly cope with this task.

The program is intuitive and simple working principle. Simply select a set of images that I want to share. And the app will automatically offer you the options of collages for posting to Instagram.